Carl (*1995 in Essen, D) grew up in a musical family and was surrounded by music and musicians since young age.
At age 12 he got his first drumset and drumlessons, soon starting to play in a Rockband and a bit later in High School Orchestra.

He was drawn to the drums through the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Nirvana, but soon he discovered Jazz in his parents' CD shelf. The completely unheard sounds and ways of playing and the freedom of the musician in Jazz fascinated him immediately.

Carl started to visit various Jazz Workshops at age 16 and at the same time began to teach drums privately.
He started to play concerts with well-known local musicians as Thomas Hufschmidt, Rolf Marx or Axel Fischbacher, often accompanied by his father, Bernd Zinsius, on bass.

In September '13 he began studying his Bachelor in Jazz Drums at the Conservatorium Maastricht with Ron van Stratum and Arnoud Gerritse.

In 2014 he applied to the LandesjugendJazzOrchester Rheinland-Pfalz and established a colaboration that lasted till 2017.

Inspired by the music of the great Italian Jazz musicians Stefano Bollani and Antonio Faraò he went to Italy to study one semester at the Siena Jazz University with Walter Paoli and Paolo Corsi in 2016.
After finishing his Bachelor of Music in Maastricht in 2017 he relocated to Barcelona and takes private lessons with Marc Miralta.

In 2018 Carl decided to move back to Germany, to Cologne, an area with great potential for musicians.
Currently he is taking drumset and pandeiro lessons and is playing in different projects around Cologne.
Carl is teaching drumset at Städt. Musikschule Langenfeld and Ludwig-van-Beethoven-Musikschule Bonn.

Carl has performed in small and big ensembles in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland), America (Bolivia, USA) and Africa (Rwanda).