Carl Zinsius

Drums | Percussion


Mondo Chôro

Anais Pasanau Miró | Henrique Gomide | Alvaro Severino | Carl Zinsius

4 musicians from different nationalities and musical backgrounds meet at their common point: playing Chôro.

Chôro [in Portuguese: to cry] is the traditional music of Brazil, being the reflection and expression of the blend between African and European music and culture in the beginning of the 20th century.

It’s characterized by the rich and touching musical language, expressing brightness, dramatism, playfulness, sadness or nostalgia.

The variety of rhythms and tempos, the beauty of melodies and of the interpretation, the depth of emotions and the richness of details are constantly interacting.

Everyday Feelings

Alexander Scott - Sax  | Lara Pilloni - Dance  |  Carl Zinsius - Drums

"Despite caution, shyness or fear, communication is elementary for all of us."

Conversations between two persons during a worldwide pandemic, moments that got lost in lockdowns and fear of sickness.
Encounters, that this unique situation created, reflections on our very own feelings:

“Everyday Feelings” describes the conversations of two people, makes their exchange of opinions audible and their emotions tangible.
Through the combination of music and dance and their constant interaction and improvisation (conversation) with each other, situations are reflected and the perspectives of the three artists.
Everyday situations, usually little noticed, are thus given the opportunity to be reconsidered and their value as an encounter with other people to be perceived.

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