Drum Solo Transcriptions

Here I offer some transcriptions of my favourite drummers.
I found that learning  solos of these great drummers gives me the chance to precisely study their vocabulary and develop my own out of it.

Check out the videos ony my YouTube channel and, if you like, purchase the pdf right here.

There will never be another you - Solo by Alan Dawson

Alan Dawson at his best - a 3-page transcription full of great Bebop vocabulary. This transcription on Youtube: https://youtu.be/-x6RraatIeQ



Another one of Alan Dawson's incredible Solos. 4-pages full of great vocabulary.



A 2-page transcription of Frankie Dunlop's very own style of drumming with the Thelonious Monk Quartet.


Max Roach - Jordu Transcription

Absolutely classy - tradings and solo over the Clifford Brown/Max Roach standard, Jordu. Enjoy!


Joe Morello - St Louis Blues

This is the video of the transcription: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmy-mraWbZI


There will never be - Tradings by Alan Dawson

Alan Dawson trading 4s with Sonny Rollins, Denmark 1965. This transcription on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKHqT2aFSRA


Jorge Rossy - Monk's Dream

Some very hip and (as always) unique ideas by Jorge Rossy trading with Brad Mehldau. Monk's Dream of the album The Art of the Trio Vol. II. Video of the...


Frankie Dunlop Solo on Bolivar Blues

Great solo by the one and only Frankie Dunlop. Purchase the transciption here to study it by yourself! Transcription played here: Watch this video on YouTube


Kenny Washington - Solo over Broadway

I was fascinated by this great solo of Kenny Washington. So melodic, with beautiful phrasing and technique. If you don’t know it yet, listen to the 1940s Jazz standard “Broadway”!...


Schlüdersitz - Jojo Mayer / Nerve

A little insight into Jojo Mayer’s Groove playing with Nerve. Very hip! Transcription played here: Watch this video on YouTube


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